TreeSisters ~ with Clare Dubois

//TreeSisters ~ with Clare Dubois

TreeSisters ~ with Clare Dubois

Episode 11 of the Radical Brilliance Podcast is with Clare Dubois, the founder of TreeSisters. Clare is a dramatic example of someone who got a “calling” which she could not but obey. You will hear in this podcast how she had a car accident: drove her car into a tree. It was in those few moments of shock and suspension of normal reality that she heard the voice which gave her the next steps. In a way, we are all in some kind of relationship with that voice, either waiting for it to speak to us, or in resistance to it, or if we are lucky, completely taken over by it. The work that Clare is doing is vitally important to the restoration of the biosphere, but it is also a really inspiring story how we can, all of us, tune into a calling beyond our own immediate desires, fears, and beliefs.

4:05 — How do you know what you’re “supposed to” do?

11:13 — A mystical moment of divine intervention

17:00 — Seeding mass behavior change [in the face of planetary collapse]

23:00 — Are we too late?

30:13 — What’s a good way to lead a human life in order to be part of the solution?

41:00 — Leading a life of convenience and profit vs saving the planet for future generations

44:00 — Tree Sisters and the role of the feminine in healing the planet

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