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Radical Brilliance Laboratories

Radical Brilliance Laboratories are scheduled four times a year in Nevada, City and we also have laboratories scheduled periodically in others parts of the world throughout the year.

Radical Brilliance explains a lot as a theory and the four stages of the cycle go further into how brilliance emerges out of the concurrence of these four different quadrants of movement towards:

  • Creative flow
  • Accomplishment
  • Humility and learning
  • Awakening

It is great to recognize the four stages and understand what gets in the way, but it is a little redundant, unless we really use what we have learned to change our state of consciousness. It is by shifting your state that brilliance emerges.

You can try to do that on your own by integrating practices into your routine, but it is nowhere near as powerful as taking a week out of your life to break habits and install practices at a much deeper level, and that is what we do at the Radical Brilliance Laboratory. The main thing about a laboratory is that you leave your native environment, work, and we ask you to switch off your cellphone and computer to take a complete break and reboot. We will be following the guidelines in Radical Brilliance by eating the diet described in the book, taking supplements, getting up early in the morning, and going to bed early. Anything in the book that is legal, we will be doing together.

The laboratory is divided into four stages. When you first arrive, we are start to explore the quadrant 6 to 9, or from feelings of regret, shame, guilt, remorse, the feeling of making mistakes, and all the way into the dynamic of humility, of I need help. This is a difficult phase because it is not in our culture to slow down and notice mistakes. It is the first phase of the laboratory and it is beautiful to do with a group of people. It is a bonding place to begin.

Then we move into the movement of awakening. Everybody has a thorough, deep, doubt free immersion of consciousness without boundaries, which means a deep taste of awakening or enlightenment. Essentially it means you have the experience of limitless infinity where the universe is arising, and you are one with the creative source of everything.

That initiates the next phase that takes place Tuesday through part of Saturday, which is the movement from 12 to 3: awakening to creative flow. We are going to be learning together something that you do not necessarily explore in ordinary life. It is the state of choosing to let these tender impulses rise out of nothing, to begin to tremor and grow in intensity so we can capture them when they are still in a state of innocence. It means creativity that bypasses the mind and imitation to create something original. It could be a new business project, a new invention, a new company, a new book or artwork, in some way we can capture it and make it into something for the benefit of other people. It requires this kind of retreat environment to fully let this allow to happen.

The last phase is from 3 to 6, which is intention to accomplishment. That is where we leave the laboratory, by creating plans, accountability, and connection with other people to make the projects real and you are able to follow through in a project to see it to fruition.

Follow the link to find out more about the laboratories to join us.