Learning to Think ~ with Raj Jana

//Learning to Think ~ with Raj Jana

Learning to Think ~ with Raj Jana

So often when we listen to conversations with “experts,” they are people who have written the books, mapped out the landscape, and created a lifetime of credentials. Often, of course, these experts are baby boomers, now in their 50s 60s or beyond. Eric Hoffer once said, “In times of rapid change, it is the learners who will inherit the earth, while the knowers will be well-equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” We are in times of rapid change. Our very survival hangs in the balance. Things are changing so quickly, that it is the young and malleable minds who will determine the future of human life on this planet.

For this reason, I really loved having this conversation with Raj. He displays a very mature and balanced perspective on everything from the economy, to the environment, to social and political systems. Please enjoy this conversation, and get us your feedback at radicalbrilliance.com/ podcast.

5:46 — The world through the eyes of a millennial

14:16 — The skill of filtering information

21:30 — Who can you trust?

30:20 — Finding common humanity

37:00 — Trends in the new world / “You are your most valuable asset”

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