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You might have heard the story about the young violinist who takes a train to New York City. He steps out into the morning hustle and bustle outside of Grand Central Station and hails a cab. Clutching his violin case, he jumps into the back seat and asks the driver hurriedly, “What is the fastest way to Carnegie Hall?”

The driver doesn’t start the engine, but slowly turns his head to the back seat. “What is the fastest way to Carnegie Hall, young man?” he asks with a calm but penetrating stare. “Why, practice, practice, practice.”

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Radical Brilliance offers a comprehensive model for how and why people have original ideas which change the game for everyone. The Brilliance Cycle explains four very different kinds of subjective experience, activity, and brain wave functioning, which rarely coexist in a human life.

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These four kinds of activity rarely coexist in one human life at the same time. When they do, the chances of original creative brilliance become much higher.

For many years Arjuna Ardagh has helped countless numbers of people to find peace in a chaotic world.  Arjuna offers practical wisdom that is as applicable at the kitchen sink as it is on the meditation cushion.

Michael Bernard Beckwith, Author of Spiritual Liberation~Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential

Drawing upon the latest cutting-edge brain research and an extraordinarily wide and diverse range of tools and practices, this is a masterpiece in mapping the terrain of full human potential and making it real.

Ivan Misner, Pd.D., Founder: BNI, author of Networking Like a Pro

You’ll finally understand where your best ideas come from and how to create them at will… plus the right time to get them completed and even how to re-create yourself over and over again.

Yanik Silver, Author Evolved Enterprise and founder of Maverick1000

The most essential quality for any powerful leader today is the capacity to innovate and to think things that have never been thought before. This book is a thorough and complete guidebook on how to do that.

Amy Elizabeth Fox, CEO, Mobius Executive Leadership

Radical Brilliance is not a traditional approach to business, and is not afraid to unearth anything and everything that makes a real difference to innovation.  You may be shocked, you may be unnerved, but you will certainly be transformed.

Robert Richman, Author of The Culture Blueprint, Co-Creator of Zappos Insights

The brilliance cycle is a purely theoretical model. Very few people actually move through all phases of the cycle in an unimpeded way. In reality most people experience blockage. We recognize four ways that the cycle gets blocked.

Once we understand these four types of blockage, and how they can all exist in each of the four quadrants, we recognize the possibility of 16 ways in which brilliance gets shut down. Almost every human being exhibits one of these 16 kinds of blockage as their predominant way of moving through the world. This is the importance of practice. Practice, practice, practice.

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 Radical brilliance evolves from being a theoretical model into a highly practical and empowering rocket ship to brilliance when we embody tailor-made practices into our lives. However, most people discover that it is extremely difficult and often disheartening to try and practice on your own. How do you know which practice will be most helpful to you? How can you know if you’re doing the practice correctly? How do you know when it’s time to stop and move on to a different practice? And perhaps most important, why is it so damn difficult to follow through on the commitment to practice? Why do we give up so easily?

    The Global Brilliance Practice Community is an opportunity to connect with other practitioners from around the world who feel a calling to live their lives more brilliantly.

When you join the global brilliance practice community you get:

  • All of the materials from Radical Brilliance delivered to you on video, audio, and as a pdf.

  • 108 practices delivered to you on video and audio as well as written instructions from experts in the field.

  • The very best excerpts from hundreds of interviews on video, those very same interviews out of which the Radical Brilliance model evolved.

  • Participation in intimate video-based webinars twice a month with Arjuna Ardagh and guests expert guests in their field,

  • Access to radical brilliance coaches who can guide you in mastering different practices.

  • Opportunity to connect with other radically brilliant people from around the world and

  • Discounted rates on our longer global practice and our longer radical brilliance laboratories.

Join the Global Brilliance Practice Community

In a nutshell, anything and everything you need delivered to you from the world’s greatest experts on how to live a life of contribution and meaning.