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You can get coached by Arjuna Ardagh or one of our other certified coaches.   This is generally for a three month contract at a time.  The price depends very much on your project, and the coach you work with. 

Radical Brilliance Coaching can focus on any outcome that serves the evolution of humanity: which could include a book, an on-line course, a CD, a movie, a humanitarian project, a new company, a new product, a website, a podcast, or anything you can imagine!

We use the principles in the book “Radical Brilliance” in coaching. It would be highly advisable to read the book (or listen to the audible edition) before applying for coaching.

A central part of the coaching is finding the right practices for you to be the most brilliant version of yourself. The kinds of practices we use in Radical Brilliance Coaching are described in the book and the accompanying reader’s website.  You can imagine that you will need to commit to up to an hour of practice per day.

In Radical Brilliance Coaching we address anything and everything that could impact the full possibility of your brilliance shining, including:

  • diet  (what to eat for brilliance as well as what not to eat)
  • sleep (what time you go to bed, as well as how long you sleep)
  • most effective supplements
  • accountability, and keeping promises to yourself and others
  • moments of pleasure in the day that lift energy
  • intelligent and conscious use of sexual energy
  • connection with role models
  • the most effective disposition to coaching
  • relationship to those people you are closest to
  • flow of energy in your body
  • latent beliefs which inhibit brilliant thoughts
  • daily routine

Please note that there are also some things which Radical Brilliance is not!   It is not a form of spiritual seeking or a path to enlightenment. That is best addressed by a spiritual teacher.  It is not designed to address personal wounding, trauma or any form of psychological suffering.  That is best addressed by a psychotherapist. It is not to support you to get rich quick, to become more famous, or to buy a bigger house or a yacht (although some of those things might happen a by-product).  There are already countless websites, teachers and methods claiming to offer you the keys to worldly “success.”

If you are getting bored by the repetitive stories of “me” and “my life,”  if you want to focus on making a contribution to all of life, and to generations not yet born, if you know there is more to you than you are currently living, or if you are ready to dedicate yourself to mission and service, we are here to support you with passion and enthusiasm.

If you are ready to proceed, please fill out this short form, and we will get back to you within a few days.

Meet our Coaches

Arjuna is a writer, public speaker and executive coach, who has trained more than 2000 coaches over the last 25 years. He is the author of nine books, including the 2005 #1 National Bestseller The Translucent Revolution. His latest book, Radical Brilliance, is the anatomy of how and why people have original ideas which change the world. He has been a speaker at conferences all over the world, including at Google and the United Nations. He lives with his wife, Chameli in Nevada City, California. They have two grown sons and two mischievous kittens.

Yeshi Choedon the founder of Living Magnificence, is an experienced coach. Her work is infused with deep feminine presence and wisdom. For over 15 years her love, humor and expertise have been guiding people to breakthrough and transform their lives. She inspires women entrepreneurs to develop powerful strategies to thrive in their business from a feminine and spiritual place, hence bringing forth their brilliance and collective change. Honoring the sacredness of all life and a sustainable way of living, Yeshi supports ecology-minded businesses to complete their projects and create global impact. As a musician and painter, Yeshi loves empowering artists, so they can make a difference with their unique voice. Transforming her skills as a midwife and homoeopath, she guides mostly women to birth themselves into a life of abundance, with inner treasures revealed and visions manifested. Yeshi is a certified Divine Living, Deeper Love and Awakening Coach, based in Freiburg, Germany, working online and offline in English and German.

Uwe Ratz is a medical doctor living in Freiburg (Germany) and also practicing in Basel (Switzerland). He has specialized for many years as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist working with children, teenagers and young adults and has developed an extraordinary capacity of empathy and patience to bring out the best in (young) people where psychic blockage gets in the way of their innate gifts. Uwe also has extensive training and certification as a coach, and is a master trainer in Awakening Coaching. This combination of extraordinary gifts: his capacity to empathize with and support people to overcome psychic blockage and his ability as a coach to help people actualize their hidden talents makes him a rare and very talented coach.

Maren is the co-founder and CEO of the Radical Brilliance Project Inc.  She is a passionate catalyst, coach, and consultant with over 20 years professional experience working with entrepreneurs and leaders.  As a catalyst, she is known for accelerating and enhancing innovation – supporting clients in generating creative ideas and transforming concepts into new programs, processes and products.  Maren is recognized for her unique ability to bring forth creativity and productivity in individuals and organizations by combining transformational coaching techniques and practical business methodologies.  She has held key roles in a variety of sectors including technology, medical products, biotechnology, academia, agriculture and banking including at the University of Washington, Amgen, Washington Mutual bank as well as numerous start-ups. At the University of Washington, she opened and managed the first on-campus high tech business incubator, and created and ran programs to facilitate industry engagement.  Maren earned an MBA and a BS in Biology and Chemistry at the University of Washington, and is a certified Project Management Professional and Awakening Coach.

Loren is a serial entrepreneur and has a gift for helping others to manifest their full potential and achieve success as they define it. She is a healer with extensive experience in both traditional and alternative medical fields having practiced as a Stanford trained surgeon for 28 years in addition to being a medical intuitive. Loren has lifelong spiritual and creative life, as a longtime practicing Buddhist, student of non-duality, improvisational singer and visual artist. Currently she is launching a cutting edge startup exploring radical transformation using virtual and augmented reality, neuro-feedback and other modalities. She has helped launch several successful startups both in medical and non-medical fields. Her greatest passion is to use her creative and compassionate gifts to help her clients design the most abundant, fulfilling, and healthy life they can possibly imagine for themselves.

Patrick Looser inspires and trains people to get to the next level, being successful and living a brilliant and fulfilled life. He is an expert in state and energy management. He is brilliant in guiding you to become the best version of yourself, sharing your gifts and talents with the world, making a contribution on this planet. Patrick earned an MBA in finance at the University of St. Gallen and has worked as a marketing and sales professional in global companies. For more than 15 years he has worked as a coach and trainer with entrepreneurs, leaders and their teams. He loves being a father to his son and daughter and he lives in Zurich, Switzerland. He is fluent in both German and English.

Alhiama is a natural leader, courageous and compassionate coach, entrepreneur, and business trainer. Her gift is to transform limitations, trauma and the sense of worthlessness into openness, genuine presence and love. She encourages people, to listen to their innate wisdom, to open up and to trust and take inspired unconditional actions. She supports heart-based entrepreneurs to embody their own brilliance and succeed no matter what. She observes her clients completely change their lives and thrive beyond their wildest dreams. Alhiama has profound experiences with transforming daunting emotions, the main reason why people fail. Her work is infused by her intuitive gifts, compassion and deep spirituality. She is the founder of ThetaFloating Hungary, and “SanftMut” – a Self-realization Program for Modern Women. She is a Hungarian born scientist with an MA in Genetics as well as a certified business coach and a brilliant mom. She lives in Freiburg, Germany, and coaches and leads live events in German, Hungarian and English.

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