Why do some people have original brilliant ideas, which move the game forward for all of humanity, while others live lives of quiet imitation? What is the secret anatomy of innovation and originality?

In this groundbreaking new book, Arjuna Ardagh (author of the #1 national bestseller “The Translucent Revolution” and eight other books) offers us a compelling and practical model for the hidden components which together make up a brilliant life.

Supported by cutting-edge research into brain chemistry, nutrition, and “biohacking,” Ardagh offers us not only a map to navigate the ever-expanding field of genius enhancement, but also a rich smorgasbord of tools, techniques and lifestyle enhancements to make sure that each and every day has time set aside for being the most brilliant version of yourself.

Ardagh put this book together based on more than 15 years of interviews with more than 420 scientists, artists, musicians, inventors and social architects.

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