Disruption Provokes Evolution ~ with Joe Mechlinkski

//Disruption Provokes Evolution ~ with Joe Mechlinkski

Disruption Provokes Evolution ~ with Joe Mechlinkski

The latest episode of the Radical Brilliance podcast is with Joe Mechlinski, the author of “Shift the Work,” and the founder of Shift. His organization has a long track record of supporting organizations, from tens to thousands of employees, to change the work environment. Most of us find ourselves in unprecedented times of uncertainty. Just a few months ago, the economy was booming, unemployment rates were low, and everyone was busy hopping on and off planes to exotic destinations, eating in restaurants, dancing and going to parties. When the COVID19 pandemic hit, all of that went into stasis. Suddenly, we found ourselves staying at home, many businesses were forced to close or experienced great struggle, and millions of people are out of work. Now, we wonder what comes next.

Whenever there is a time like this of great disruption, we never go back. What comes after never looks like what came before. The same was true for both World Wars, for the Great Depression, and for the Spanish Flu. Times of great calamity also bring opportunity for great innovation and evolution.

In this conversation with Joe Mechlinski we explore how to ride times of turbulent change in a business environment, and how to thrive — not only financially, but by becoming an agent of evolution.

4:30 — Why go back when you can go forward?

15:12 — Life without our costumes on — the value of authenticity

20:51 — What to do with the vacuum of clear vision of leadership? 

30:12 — Rethinking life and work

42:28 — The perils of outsourcing 

49:12 — Agents of evolution

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  1. Clark Berger May 20, 2020 at 3:47 am - Reply

    Great interview. There’s also the saving of light, heat and general utility use of offices including internet, security and cleaning. In my view should be taken into account to compensate the worker using his home to work.

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