How to Speed Up and Slow Down Time ~ with Roger Hamilton

//How to Speed Up and Slow Down Time ~ with Roger Hamilton

How to Speed Up and Slow Down Time ~ with Roger Hamilton

Everybody wants more money, more new shiny objects. Everybody needs food and clothing and shelter and relationships. But the one thing most people in Western culture feel they don’t have enough of is time.

We often view time as a limited commodity, a little like the money in your bank account. If you have $300, spend $100, you’ve only got $200 left. What if time itself was actually expanding and contracting? What if “an hour” sometimes passed very quickly and sometimes went very slowly? If time was speeding up and slowing down uniformly all over the planet, an hour would still be a full revolution of the big hand from 12 back to 12 again, but how long it takes to do that could vary. When we shift from a Newtonian to a Quantum experience of time we realize that it is created out of a unified field. Gay Hendricks pointed out in his book, The Big Leap, you are that out of which time is created.

Please enjoy this fascinating conversation with Roger Hamilton about how we can deliberately affect the speed at which time moves.

5:28 — Ripping the fabric of established reality
18:21 — Controlling time in your business
22:54 — Slowing down consciousness, speeding up time; slowing down time, speeding up consciousness
32:58 — Slowing down time technique
39:49 — Our natural ability to recall the future
43:50 — About Roger Hamilton
51:10 — The value of time and how it relates to wealth
59:15 — Achieving more success by being in the flow

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