The Supplements to Enhance Brilliance, ~ with John Gray

//The Supplements to Enhance Brilliance, ~ with John Gray

The Supplements to Enhance Brilliance, ~ with John Gray

Episode seven of the Radical Brilliance Podcast is with my good friend Dr. John Gray, with whom I coauthored the book Conscious Men. John is best known as a relationship expert since he wrote Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus almost 30 years ago.

Although his skills are superlatively impressive in understanding the dynamics between men and women, he has helped me most in unraveling the complex world of nutritional supplements.

John was diagnosed with an obscure neurological disorder many years ago, for which western science did not have an immediate solution. He embarked upon a deep and thorough exploration of the effect of many different nutritional supplements on our health and on the brain. By now, his website,, has one of the most impressive collections of high quality supplements, with videos of John explaining how they can best be used.

Just as an example, years ago, John recognized  the degree to which our topsoil has been stripped of minerals. Some scientists estimate that the topsoil, in which vegetables grow, had about 70% more minerals in it in 1950 than it does today. Less minerals in the topsoil means less minerals in our vegetables, which means the higher possibility of mineral deficiency. The problem with minerals is that you can’t just eat them. You can’t just scrape some zinc off your car battery and swallow it. Minerals need to be chelated, which means they have to be bound to another substance, often organic. John discovered that the best possible chelation for absorbing minerals is oratic acid, which is how we get nutrition in mother’s milk. Magnesium orotate, Lithium orotate, Potassium orotate, are much easier to absorb than other forms of chelation. When John discovered that these kinds of mineral orotates were not readily available, he did what John does: he developed his own brand. Thats the kind of hard core nutritional guy he is.

In this episode, I asked John to talk us through the 10 most important supplements to enhance brilliance.

5:04 — The top minerals you need for brilliance

8:15 — Hey! There’s a gut controlling your brain

12:52 — The simplest supplements to focus and calm anxiety

18:53 — Strengthening the immune and nervous systems and protecting the brain 

22:54 — The alpha of the Omegas

24:18 — Multivitamins

25:45 — NADH for a natural oxygen high

28:07 — The brain nutrient to boost memory

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