Social Anxiety ~ with Alex Ebert

//Social Anxiety ~ with Alex Ebert

Social Anxiety ~ with Alex Ebert

Caring about what other people think of us isn’t just societally conditioned, it’s biologically programmed thanks to the way humans have evolved over time. We feel we need to fit in, we need to be accepted, in order to be successful.

But arguably the most creative people on our planet have done just the opposite: they come up with original ideas totally independent of what other people may think. They face (or disregard) fears of critique and rejection in order to bring forward something truly inspired. Inspiration may come from within, or from the great and mysterious beyond, but  — as Alex Ebert describes here — GREAT works of art or science NEVER come from following the herd.

Please enjoy this brilliant interview about the courage to create.

4:00 — Review of Celestial Archeology

7:30 — Search for truth and authenticity

14:02 — Driven by meaning

26:26 — The role of social anxiety in keeping us small and divided

34:25 — Facing the fear to create something great

43:33 — Away from social anxiety towards social care and trust in humanity

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