Intuition ~ with Sonia Choquette

//Intuition ~ with Sonia Choquette

Intuition ~ with Sonia Choquette

In chapter two of the book Radical Brilliance, we distinguish between two kinds of thought. “Horizontal thoughts,” with which we are mostly familiar, are simply regurgitations of what we have heard or thought before. Almost everything that passes through the mind during the day is a repetition of something from the past.

“Vertical thought,” which is much more unusual, arises from the depths, out of stillness. It means thinking a thought that has never been thought before, which becomes speech that has never been spoken before, and actions which have never been taken before.

Many people become confused about how to distinguish between these two different kinds of thought. How do you know the difference? What is your worried mind, overthinking as usual? What are your reactive feelings, responding to the world in desire or fear? And when is it inner knowing speaking, which is connected to a greater intelligence, beyond the mind.

Sonia Choquette is one of the greatest experts alive on harnessing this kind of intuition. Her book, “Trust Your Vibes” has become the go-to reference on how to trust your knowing without thinking.

3:00 — How to begin working with intuition

9:44 — Accessing intuition through play

14:46 — How do I know what’s true intuition?

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