How to Have Original Ideas ~ with Sam Horn

//How to Have Original Ideas ~ with Sam Horn

How to Have Original Ideas ~ with Sam Horn

Have you ever had an amazing idea that never really went anywhere? Maybe you tried to share your amazing idea with others but they just looked back at you with blank stares. How many brilliant innovations never launch, how many books never get written, how many start-ups fail — just because a strong enough case wasn’t made for them? Just because the creators couldn’t get investors, customers, audiences to care?

Sam Horn has mastery in condensing complex ideas and understandings down into bite-size chunks. Often, this is a dilemma for people who want to make a great contribution. Ideas may seem complex and multidimensional. But today people have very short attention spans so we have to find ways to express complex ideas in few words.

No one does this better than Sam Horn. She ran the Maui Writers Conference for many years, and she’s a master of creating a powerful impact skillfully with language.

Enjoy the podcast.

3:12 How to have a great idea that reaches people

12:00 The role of imagination in explaining an idea

19:33 The empathy telescope  

29:02 “Who am I?” Syndrome

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