The Best Possible Future ~ with David Houle

//The Best Possible Future ~ with David Houle

The Best Possible Future ~ with David Houle

More or less everyone alive today agrees that this is a very pivotal time, not only in human history, but equally in the history of the earth itself. Never before have we faced so many unresolved problems.

Not only is our survival threatened as a species, but so is the survival of many other species we impact, and even the biosphere in which we all live. Equally, this is a time of great promise. The quality of life has never been so great: the possibility to live in good health and to devote our attention to the pursuit of things we love and feel passionate about, instead of simply physical survival.

The contemplation of different possible future scenarios has been called “futurism.” Barbara Marx Hubbard was a famed futurist, as is Peter Russell. David Houle gave up his career in mainstream media to devote his life to the informed study of potential future scenarios. This is a longer episode and packed with very useful information.

3:22 — Why is the future more important now than ever?
12:22 — The role of the American Dream in climate change
27:23 — Steps to overcoming denial
41:27 — Starting a revolution
54:18 — How to expand the “We” consciousness
64:41 — The best possible future

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