The Energy Codes ~ with Sue Morter

//The Energy Codes ~ with Sue Morter

The Energy Codes ~ with Sue Morter

Episode eight of the Radical Brilliance podcast is with Dr Sue Morter, who I’ve known for many years. Her father, Dr. Ted Morter, developed a very innovative new form of chiropractic, which I have benefited from immensely. But in the last years, Sue has gone way beyond her training as a chiropractor. She has developed powerful insight about the electromagnetic impact of incarnation.

Wow. Say that again?

OK. All too often we focus on the ways that we have been traumatized personally. My father left home when I was four… No one listened to me… I didn’t get held enough…   My uncle was abusive… All of these things are absolutely real and serious, but when we each focus on our personal story of traumatization, we overlook the much bigger and more powerful trauma of contracting down from our original nature as limitless consciousness and being compressed into an experience of being a human body limited in time and space.

In this podcast, Sue calls this the “splat” of incarnation. When we understand and have compassion for the very trauma of incarnation itself, we can develop a much more nuanced and sophisticated understanding of how to unravel that trauma and to be the most brilliant version of ourselves.

7:03 —  You ARE that to which you aspire

11:04 — SPLAT and the friction that gives us the opportunity to evolve 

21:53 — Healing the bandwidth of humanity and including ourselves in the wholeness 30:37-33:29 — TRIGGER WARNING: Rape content 

39:53 — Repairing the circuitry to handle the frequency of our true nature / Fixing our circuitry without doing 

50:24 — Practices to come home to yourself 

55:50 – What to do with all the extra energy

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