Disrupt-Her, with Miki Agrawal

//Disrupt-Her, with Miki Agrawal

Disrupt-Her, with Miki Agrawal

Since she was a small child, Miki and her twin sister Radha have loved the question, “Who says?” In a gentle, humorous, and playful way, they both love to disrupt the status quo and question the existing rules which keep us repeating the same things over and over.

Mickey is a serial entrepreneur. She loves to step into an existing industry, shake it up in the most disruptive way possible, and then recreate it in a way that makes more sense: is more environmentally sustainable, and more economically sound. You’ll hear her talk about how she has brought this attitude to movie sets, to the restaurant business, to menstrual products, and how she has initiated a worthy campaign to eliminate the need for toilet paper.

Stand by to be disrupted.

6:42 — Towers fall, tendons rip, and a life’s mission is revealed

19:20 — The innovator’s first question: What sucks in your world?

24:00 — Ingredients of brilliance

29:10 — Support in partnership

34:50 — Getting worth by giving worth

40:58 — A Tushi is born

46:00 — Key Performance Indicator: Tears of Joy

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