Disrupt-Her, with Miki Agrawal

//Disrupt-Her, with Miki Agrawal

Disrupt-Her, with Miki Agrawal

In Episode 4 it is Miki Agrawal who is a fireball and force to be reckoned with. Miki is something that I’ve never encountered previously in my life and I don’t think I’m going to encounter again in quite this way. Miki is on fire.

She wrote the book “Disrupt-Her.” Miki is all about disruption, in the most positive way. What does it mean to be disruptive in any particular industry?

Miki was working in movies in California, realized that all the food that was being offered on the set was terrible.  It was mostly pizza, but nothing that was going to sustain health. Miki founded three pizza restaurants in New York, based on a completely new way of seeing things, and so disrupted a mainstay of American fast food eating.

From there, Miki went on to disrupt the industry and formed feminine menstrual products. All the tampons and pads and other products women used were designed  and marketed by men. So… Miki disrupted that industry too.

Do you have any idea how many trees are wasted every year to create toilet paper?   Wiping our bums, all seven billion of them, is a huge strain on our earth. So… Miki disrupted that industry too with Tushy bidet (or ‘bum washer’ as I like to call it) which you can install yourself for less than $100.

You can feel that Miki is going to go on disrupting for the rest of her life. She is a serial entrepreneur. As well as the products she has created, which are all magnificent, what is even more impressive is the spirit of disruption that pervades everything in her life.

6:42 — Towers fall, tendons rip, and a life’s mission is revealed

19:20 — The innovator’s first question: What sucks in your world?

24:00 — Ingredients of brilliance

29:10 — Support in partnership

34:50 — Getting worth by giving worth

40:58 — A Tushi is born

46:00 — Key Performance Indicator: Tears of Joy

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