Daybreaker ~ with Radha Agrawal

//Daybreaker ~ with Radha Agrawal

Daybreaker ~ with Radha Agrawal

Welcome to episode 14 of the Radical Brilliance Podcast.

Imagine this: a group of people gathered together in a large warehouse, or another big open space. Loud music is pumping. Everyone is taken over by the music. The atmosphere is thick and high. Greatest time had by all. Fantastic DJs.

Okay, fantasy over. Now tell me: at what time of day did your visualization happen?

Most people will say 2 AM. Today I want to introduce you to Radha Agrawal, who has totally reinvented the possibilities of dance as a group. She has created “Daybreaker,” which happens in big cities all over the world, usually starting at 6 AM.

Instead of alcohol and ecstasy, green smoothies and breakfast treats are served. Instead of mean bouncers, you are greeted by a hugger. Instead of a place to lay down and crash, enjoy the yoga class.

Welcome to the world of Daybreaker, with Radha Agrawal

4:56 — What is Daybreaker?

12:02 — Current trends in community, spirituality, politics, and information exchange – how we’re processing it all and what we’re doing about it

20:03 — The medicine of movement 

27:24 — An innovator’s utopia

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