Fusion Dance ~ with Justin Riley

//Fusion Dance ~ with Justin Riley

Fusion Dance ~ with Justin Riley

As an expert in personal transformation, I thought I had seen it all. Tried hundreds of modalities, and developed some as well. Read and written countless books, and coached thousands of people on how to be their best. So imagine my surprise when I stepped onto a Fusion dance floor and found myself completely blown away by the deep life lessons being offered to me in such an unassuming form.
Dance is a metaphor for life. Everything we need to work on in our personal and professional lives (e.g., leadership style, communication skills, ability to collaborate with others, ease of innovation) will be revealed as we learn to partner dance. This is especially true in Fusion Dance — which implicitly invites a certain level of mindfulness in its practice. Justin Riley, one of the founders of Fusion Dance, has no qualms about linking the lessons he’s learned in dance to inform and improve every aspect of his life. In this episode we talk about dance as a surprisingly powerful tool for personal and even global transformation. Enjoy.

3:07 — Dance: More transformative than coaching?

22:22 — History of Fusion Dance

33:53 — Why dance is good for entrepreneurs?

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