A life of contribution, ~ with Lynne Twist

//A life of contribution, ~ with Lynne Twist

A life of contribution, ~ with Lynne Twist

Welcome to episode number one of the Radical Brilliance Podcast. It’s not just a random coincidence that our first guest is the extraordinary Lynne Twist.

Lynne not only speaks about the essence of everything this podcast is about, but she also perfectly embodies it as well. Lynne was instrumental in the founding of The Hunger Project in the 1970s and went on to raise more than $2 billion to alleviate world hunger. She headed up a volunteer organization that operated in dozens of countries with hundreds of thousands of volunteers. In the late 1990s she underwent an extraordinary visionary experience, which gave birth to the Pachamama Alliance.

The Radical Brilliance Podcast exists to highlight the people who have made their lives about making an extraordinary contribution. Often we assume that this kind of lifestyle involves self sacrifice, giving up the things that you enjoy and are important to you, but Lynne demonstrates and eloquently explains that quite the opposite is true. Everything we long for, everything we try and find through money, or fame, or power, comes to us naturally when we dedicate our lives to the wellbeing of as many beings as possible.

Please stick around at the end of the podcast,  I’m going to condense the essence of what we got from the dialogue, and turn it into a practice that you can try out in your life for a few days.

5:10 — Reflections on childhood

13:25 — Getting involved in activism

19:29 — A magical introduction

23:08 — One way to transform humanity

33:22 — Overcoming the inconvenience of service

40:20 — How to take a stand with your life

51:30 — Does spirituality help or hinder?

56:30 — Revelations of a Shamanic journey

1:05:43 — Meeting with Ecuador’s last hidden tribe / The Pachamama Alliance is born

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