A life of contribution, with Lynne Twist

//A life of contribution, with Lynne Twist

A life of contribution, with Lynne Twist

We are going to kick off the first episode with an old friend, maybe the person I most admire alive today. Lynne Twist, founded the Hunger Project back in the 70s, and more recently founded the Pachamama Alliance, which we’re going to hear about in this dialogue.

The amazing thing about Lynne Twist is that she demonstrates, in everything she does, a life of contribution.  She is constantly thinking about the biggest vision possible. She is thinking about all of humanity, and not just for today: she has her awareness on the wellbeing of future generations. When we hear about a life like that, we think that it is a life of self-sacrifice, where you are going to have to put aside feeling good, and put aside getting anything for yourself.

But Lynn demonstrates that a life of contribution is the very foundation of everything we long for. To feel fulfillment and relaxation, to feel that your life has meaning and for it to overflow into great relationships, and good energy, and good health, and good flow of money:  all of these things come naturally and easily when your life is dedicated to contribution.

Please stick around at the end of the podcast,  I’m going to condense the essence of what we got from the dialogue, and turn it into a practice that you can try out in your life for a few days.

5:10 — Reflections on childhood

13:25 — Getting involved in activism

19:29 — A magical introduction

23:08 — One way to transform humanity

33:22 — Overcoming the inconvenience of service

40:20 — How to take a stand with your life

51:30 — Does spirituality help or hinder?

56:30 — Revelations of a Shamanic journey

1:05:43 — Meeting with Ecuador’s last hidden tribe / The Pachamama Alliance is born

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