What is Co-Creation? ~ with Carolyn Anderson

//What is Co-Creation? ~ with Carolyn Anderson

What is Co-Creation? ~ with Carolyn Anderson

There are many ways to understand the way that things are rapidly changing at this time.  a lot of these views are very discouraging: global warming, terrorism, financial instability, etc. But there are other lenses that we can look through, where we understand that this is also a time of rapid evolution. Almost as an unavoidable response to the nature of our times, we are forced to shift into a more integrated state of consciousness. Some people see this in terms of a “spiritual” ascension, some see it in terms of a balancing of masculine and feminine energy. Perhaps one of the most convincing ways to understand this new phase of evolution is the movement from the dominator model to the cocreative model. The term “co-creation” was coined by Barbara Marx Hubbard, and was an integral part of her book “conscious evolution.” But the actual granular living of co-creation was mapped out by Carolyn Anderson and Katharine Roske.  In this episode of the radical brilliance podcast I talk with Carolyn about the nitty-gritty how to of living a life of co-creation.

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  1. John September 12, 2019 at 6:00 am - Reply

    how amazing is that! Its empowering to hear a great presentation like this. In context I heard it right after reading a disturbing story about the dynamic of starts ups in Silicon Valley and the Twitter communication they use as a sounding board. And of course it was a very negative report as you might suspect. Again context I am older and not part of this new digital generation per say so my filter is disturbing to see the narcissistic and almost pathological energy that runs wild currently in that dynamic. How amazing is this “information” to bring it further into context and show a way forward. Sorry this comment is dialectic, I do see how even this web/blog/comment section is part of the ever changing creative force for our era. Thank you Arjuna and Carolyn.

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