Celestial Archeology, with Alex Ebert

//Celestial Archeology, with Alex Ebert

Celestial Archeology, with Alex Ebert

On Episode 2 is my favorite musician on the whole planet, Alex Ebert, who is best known as the founder and lead singer of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. I first heard the song “Home” years ago. It has such a rich, full-on sound, and it is like something you have never heard before. Then I heard another song that I liked even better. It’s called Man on Fire, an incredible anthem to living wild, to living free, to not being sucked into the status quo of business-as-usual.

Alex also has created soundtracks to the movie All is Lost with Robert Redford, and A Most Violent Year. He recently completed an autobiographical documentary, “Person A” and a 400 page book which guides us to see beyond the drive of social anxiety to fit in and to be seen as “cool.”

But perhaps more important than any of that is that  Alex has a truly original out-of-the-box way of thinking. His political views are revolutionary and on fire.

This is a recording I did with Alex on Zoom, so the sound quality may reflect that a little bit.  We talked about how original new ideas and creativity comes out of nowhere. He calls this ‘celestial archeology.’ You will hear his describe the process of  reaching up into the unknown, and pulling back a fragment, like an archeologist might excavate a bit of a bone. Finally, if you pull down enough pieces out of the unknown, you get a bird and you can fly on the back of that bird.

This is a wonderful, incredible conversation with perhaps one of the most creative, bright, original minds alive today. I think you will find this very, very inspiring to your own sense of radical brilliance in your own life.

5:15 — A formula for transcending the moment / Celestial Archeology / Forcing oneself into freedom

14:01 — Making a messiah

23:10 — Art and the state of the world / Looking for the gaps in the artistic fabric of society / Being of artistic service / Radical earnesty

33:40 — The best way to eradicate brilliance

41:52 —  Performance enhancements

52:44 — Supplements “Daddy” will not allow / Creating a crucible / the arc of self-realization / Having transcendent experiences like its no big deal

65:54 — What’s the soil in which Brilliance can bear fruit / Rushing – Getting to the Right Now / Meet the idea as soon as it arrives

83:07 — What my breath away / Taking chances / Eschewing everything that shackles you from your truest most potent self / Taking away the safety net

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