Business Freedom ~ with Eric Edmeades

//Business Freedom ~ with Eric Edmeades

Business Freedom ~ with Eric Edmeades

Many entrepreneurs start businesses with a vision on how to improve the quality of life.

Pretty soon, the founder of a company discovers that he or she cannot perform every function alone. You need an accountant, customer support, project management, a sales team… and then an executive to manage the whole operation. After a while, the founder of the company discovers that what began as an avenue for creative expression has become a kind of prison. Instead of the business serving the original inspiration, the visionary is now in service to the business. At that point, many leaders complain that their life is no longer their own, and as a result, relationships, family, health, recreation, and spiritual connection all suffer.

Eric Edmeades is a great proponent of making a business work for your vision, instead of giving up your vision to work for a business.
Please enjoy a very practical roadmap for creating “business freedom.”

3:24 — Premise of Business Freedom

23:03 — “Freedom to” vs “freedom from”

36:00 — How to move away from the kind of work you dislike

48:18 — How to train staff effectively

59:04 — Delegation

73:14 — What to do once you’re free?

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