Conscious Business ~ with Rinaldo Brutoco

//Conscious Business ~ with Rinaldo Brutoco

Conscious Business ~ with Rinaldo Brutoco

The words “private enterprise” and “social change” haven’t always gone hand in hand. From tobacco companies, to big banks, to the military industrial complex — the examples of harm done in an attempt to make money are numerous. Numerous, but waning. In this week’s episode we will discover how companies with values and a mission actually do better financially. We’ll talk about how organizations (for-profit and non-for-profit) do better when they have a thriving revenue model to support their activities, and how significant change is possible when the money-driven companies get on board with beneficial products and policies to keep up with the marketplace. After all, it’s not just producers that make positive change through business in our world: consumers, voting with dollars, keep good companies accountable and have the power to convince baddies to do better.

Please enjoy this conversation with one of the most skilled and insightful leaders in conscious business, Rinaldo Brutoco.

5:07 — What’s the highest expression of business?

20:48 — How to get businesses to be of greater service to society?

31:32 — What’s the best possible future of business?

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