All About Ampcoil ~ with Aaron Bigelow and the Ampcoil Team

//All About Ampcoil ~ with Aaron Bigelow and the Ampcoil Team

All About Ampcoil ~ with Aaron Bigelow and the Ampcoil Team

Episode nine of the Radical Brilliance Podcast is with Aaron Bigelow, Sophie Wingerd and Jordan Sheffield. You have probably heard the statement,“The future of medicine is energetic.” Contemporary medicine deals with the analysis of the signs and symptoms of disease to arrive at an accurate diagnosis: the recognition of a specific pathological state. It then prescribes remedies to make the presenting symptoms go away: usually pharmaceutical drugs or surgery.

This does not always take into account that the human being is a complex whole which includes not only physical functioning (like a machine) but also emotional well-being, mental agitation or calm, and a sense of “inner peace”. Energetic medicine recognizes that all these manifestations: physical, emotional, mental, and “spiritual” well-being result from an underlying energetic field. This recognition of the energy body and the possibility to influence it has been at the basis of Chinese medicine, many kinds of shamanism, Reiki and all other kinds of energetic healing.

In recent years we’ve seen the introduction of technology that claims to influence the human magnetic field. Some of these devices are used by acupuncturists, others are available for home use, but nothing yet has claimed such powerful results as the Ampcoil. Aaron and Geneva Bigelow specifically developed this device to address symptoms of Lyme’s disease. They have had spectacular results: alleviation of symptoms and test results changing from positive to negative in as short as 30 days. Nothing else is been known to do that. The Ampcoil is a powerful device which restores the body to its natural electromagnetic frequency, in tune with the earth itself.

This podcast is packed with useful information as well as some dramatic healing stories from all three of the presenters. Enjoy the ride.

5:00 — What is energy medicine? 

10:40 — A story of miraculous healing 

26:26 — The part we play in our one healing

32:00 — A second case study 

43:27 — Resetting the nervous system and rewiring our beliefs

50:49 — How does this thing work!?

55:30 — Clearing emotional dis-ease to create from joy

60:50 — Super-functioning

72:11 — With crisis comes opportunity

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