Early Endorsements

We get new endorsements for Radical Brilliance every week from writers, teachers and the media.  This page is updated frequently.  Come back soon!

Based on hundreds of interviews with some of the most brilliant people alive, Arjuna Ardagh has created a tour-de-force: he has synthesized everything useful for a life of purpose and contribution. This is a must read for people whose lives are about making a difference. Arjuna is a radically brilliant writer and interviewer and will give every reader access to their best self. A beautiful piece of work.
Lynne Twist; author: The Soul of Money; Founder: Pachamama Alliance.

This is like having the genie in the magic lamp for brilliance on demand! You’ll finally understand where your best ideas come from and how to create them at will… plus the right time to get them completed and even how to re-create yourself over and over again. When you understand this cycle, you’ll never feel stuck again wishing your brilliant idea would make a dent in the universe. –

Yanik Silver; author: Evolved Enterprise; founder: Maverick1000.

The most essential quality for any powerful leader today is the capacity to innovate and to think things that have never been thought before. This book is a thorough and complete guidebook on how to do that.

Amy Elizabeth Fox; CEO: Mobius Executive Leadership.

This is a great book for entrepreneurs and leaders to gain a fresh understanding of where they are in their creative process. Radical Brilliance is not a traditional business book, and is not afraid to unearth anything and everything that makes a real difference to innovation.  You may be shocked, you may be unnerved, but you will certainly be transformed.

Robert Richman; author: The Culture Blueprint; founder: The X Pill; Cultural Strategist at Zappos, Co-Creator of Zappos Insights.

Arjuna Ardagh has created a map that leads to unlocking your creativity to manifest your vision. It’s well worth reading and following his sage advice.

Stephan Rechtschaffen, MD; author: Time Shifting; founder: Blue Spirit Costa Rica, and the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York.

Perhaps this book should have been called “Your Brilliance,” because in an age of distraction and mediocrity, this book is an instruction manual for standing out, making a difference, and for brilliance itself.  If it is your plan to live a compelling life, this book is for you.

Eric Edmeades; author: The Hindsight Window; founder: WildFit.

This bold and generous book by Arjuna Ardagh provides everything we need to reboot our innate brilliance and to make an original contribution.

Barnet Bain; author:The Book of Doing and Being; director: “Milton’s Secret,”  producer of “What Dreams May Come.”

A practical guide to awakening brilliance and radiating it into the world. I personally know Arjuna and felt his wisdom in every page. A winner!

Dr. Joe Vitale; author: Zero Limits and The Miracle.

Arjuna Ardagh gives a beautiful and practical overview of how we can all tap into our true potential to not only know ourselves better but make a real difference in the world.”

Dawa Tarchin Phillips; CEO of Empowerment Holdings; founder of The Mindful Leadership Tribe.

Radical Brilliance provides an ingenious map of how to live a fully engaged and fulfilling life in modern times.  It’s information is life transformative, provocative, and eminently practical.  I highly recommend it. 

Jonathan Robinson author: Communication Miracles for Couples and Shortcuts to Success.