Zero Limits ~ Joe Vitale

//Zero Limits ~ Joe Vitale

Zero Limits ~ Joe Vitale

How do the words, “Anything is Possible” make you feel? Maybe you feel relief when you read them. Maybe excitement. Maybe something that previously seemed inaccessible just opened its doors for you. Or maybe you’re a skeptic. “Surely they don’t mean ‘anything is possible,'” you think. Does it seem ridiculous? Consider this: If you look for proof that an idea, a project, some future scenario is totally impossible — you won’t find it. There’s not enough data to support your hypothesis. That’s because everything is constantly changing. 100 years ago there’s no way we could have predicted what our world would look like now.

Not only is the belief that “anything is possible” true (or at least possible!), it’s also USEFUL. When we practice incorporating the belief into our lives as a mantra or motto, things begin to change. We take more risks, we see more payoffs. We try new things, we live bigger and bolder. Joe Vitale is an expert in the Law of Attraction. He’s overcome incredible hurdles in his life, achieved a ridiculous amount of success, and it’s all because he allowed himself to believe that “Anything is Possible.” Obviously this theory has implications not only for our personal lives but for the future of humanity. Enjoy this conversation.

3:20 — What are the principles underlying the idea, “Anything is Possible”?

14:21 — How can we apply these principles of, “Anything is Possible” for humanity? 

25:54 — The best possible future 

35:35 — “Who says?” Question it all

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