The X Pill ~ with Robbe Richman

//The X Pill ~ with Robbe Richman

The X Pill ~ with Robbe Richman

Welcome to episode 15 of the Radical Brilliance Podcast. Today’s guest is Robbe Richman: who is going to talk about the X Pill. Robbe was instrumental in creating the culture at Zappos, and went on to found “Zappos Insights” which trains other companies to emulate the same kind of customer oriented culture. Robbe wrote a book about corporate culture called “The Culture Blueprint.”

When we investigate what it takes to be truly brilliant, people have all kinds of ideas about what we need to add to our lives, and also what most gets in the way. Clearly, one of the things that most significantly hampers leading a brilliant life is holding on to old beliefs that no longer serve us. A lot of these beliefs are unconscious.

You have probably experimented with all sorts of ways of dissolving belief already: the work of Byron Katie, the Sedona method, or Awakening Coaching. Through an experiment he conducted initially at Burning Man, Robbe Richman stumbled upon “The X Pill.” It allows us to let go of limiting beliefs simply through a ritual and ingesting a pill. It has proven to be remarkably effective.

In this episode, Arjuna offers himself up as a guinea pig to let go of a limiting belief, and to set a new intention with the Expo. Let’s see if it works!

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