Happy Money ~ with Ken Honda

//Happy Money ~ with Ken Honda

Happy Money ~ with Ken Honda

There are approximately 2.3 million species on this planet. Only one of them accumulates possessions beyond their immediate needs for survival. Only one species uses the earth’s resources in a non-renewable way, and only one species has developed a complex system initially generated by the bartering of goods and services.

This is us.

Money is such a complex topic because it doesn’t really exist. It is created by group consensus. Babies don’t understand money, nor do indigenous people, nor do cats, or dogs, or any other animals. Because it doesn’t really exist, we each develop a unique and personal relationship to money. Some of us are afraid of the money monster. Some of us despise the money fiend. Some of us lust for the money seductress. But very few of us have money as our friend.

We are delighted this week to welcome Ken Honda, who has developed a way, based on his own experience, to have a friendly, happy relationship to money which fully supports the desire to do good in the world.

17:18 — How can money change the world?
23:18 – Future of money
29:32 — Practical steps for making more money
34:25 — Success stories

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