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Event Details

Radical Brilliance Laboratory

Allerheiligen / Oppenau, Germany, with Arjuna Ardagh
September 21-28, 2018

This residential one week intensive is a total immersion in the tools and vision described in the book “Radical Brilliance."

We will follow all of the guidelines described in the book, including:
:: waking up before dawn for practice,
:: using "tickle and practice" tools to bring forth new and original ideas,
:: following the principles of a "brilliant diet"
:: practices of brilliant friendship, brilliant dinner parties, and co-creation
:: practices of long-term vision
:: principles of "creation vacation"
:: practices for dissolving belief
:: daily sitting
:: mentoring and coaching with qualified coaches
:: and much more…

This one-week experience is intense. I-N-T-E-N-S-E. You should anticipate a completely full schedule during your time, from when you wake up in the morning, to when you go to sleep at night. Please do not schedule any work appointments, meetings, or phone calls during this week. This is an opportunity for a complete break from the usual demands of your life, so you can absorb yourself in your own latent brilliance.

By interacting with other participants, you will have the experience of a "mastermind" environment, where you can get support as well as creative challenge from others.

This retreat is limited to a maximum of 20 participants, so there is plenty of time for personalized attention on your specific project.

Please note: this is not a "spiritual" retreat, nor is it a "meditation" retreat. This is also not an opportunity for "working on yourself" or for any kind of psychotherapeutic process. Although we will use many of the tools described in Radical Brilliance, the primary purpose of this retreat is to bring forth your innate brilliance that can be a gift to the world. Think of this retreat as dedicated not to you personally, but to the legacy that you will bestow on generations as yet unborn.

Location Address:

EOS event and conference center Allerheiligen
Black Forest National Park
Allerheiligen 3 in 77728 Oppenau

There are 3 separate fees
1. Retreat Fee: 2000 EU
2. Accommodation: 300-400EU total for the 7 nights
3. Food: 300EU for the week
See below for details on accommodation and food.

Apply for Participation
Cancellation Policy:
You may cancel within 5 days of making your booking for a full refund.
After 5 days of making your booking, you will get a refund less 250EU, which is the non-refundable deposit.
One week before the retreat begins, there is no refund available.
Friday September 21st:
Check in from 3pm.
Please arrive no later than 6 pm for dinner.
7:00pm Dinner.
8:00 pm Evening Meeting.

Saturday 22th- Thursday 27th:
1 hour before dawn: Morning Practice Begins.
8:30 am Breakfast.
9:30 am Morning Session.
1pm Lunch.
2:30 pm Afternoon Meeting.
7:00pm Dinner.
8:00pm Evening Meeting.

Friday September 28th
1 hour before dawn: Morning Practice Begins.
8:30 am Breakfast.
9:30 am Morning Session.
12:00 noon Checkout, Departure.
Meals and Accommodation:
The diet for the retreat will follow all of the guidelines described in the book “Radical Brilliance.”
This includes:
:: lemon drink and supplements on arising
:: Breakfast of eggs and greens, or green smoothie
:: Large lunch of cooked vegetables, salad, high quality fats and protein (vegetarian, meat and fish options)
:: Light supper of Soup, or Kedgeree,
Food 300EU for the week.

We have a variety of accommodation options to suit your needs:
Rooms are 300-400EU total for the 7 nights
Send an email for your accommodation selection
What to Bring:
:: Your favorite Notebook
:: Your favorite Pen
:: Warm clothes
:: Exercise Clothes
:: Blindfold (we recommend this one from tempur)
:: Voice Recorder, or cell phone that makes audio recordings
:: Musical Instrument, if you play one ( we will provide some also)
:: Sketch book
:: Felt tip pens, paints, crayons (we will also provide them)
:: Bathing Suit

For More Information About This Event:

Agnes Eber
Send an email to Agnes Eber