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Welcome Clubhouse Friends!

Hey there.  You have arrived here because we met in a room in Clubhouse, and I offered to share with you the Brilliance Cycle.

Since you might have a few other things to do (like a gazillion CH rooms beckoning to you right now!), I have made a short video for you (18 mins), to introduce you to the basic principles of Radical Brilliance. You will see it just below.

If you would prefer to listen than to watch:

Here is the audio of the same thing, which you can listen to in your car, at the gym or on a hike.

Here is a link to an infographic of a few pages, that will guide you through the Cycle visually.

If you want the full meal, you can pick up the book on Amazon, as a paperback, Kindle edition, or Audible edition.

I have applied for a “Radical Brilliance” Club on the App, so once that gets going we can explore all of this in more depth together.

My e mail address is

You can message me on Linkedin here

You can reach me on Instagram here. 

Live Brilliantly!

Arjuna Ardagh