The Diet that Sustains Brilliance, ~ with Eric Edmeades

//The Diet that Sustains Brilliance, ~ with Eric Edmeades

The Diet that Sustains Brilliance, ~ with Eric Edmeades

Episode Six of the Radical Brilliance Podcast  is with my good friend, Eric Edmeades, the founder of WildFit.

The production of food has gone through a dramatic metamorphosis, all within living memory. When I was a child, there were still farms which produced not only milk, but also meat and vegetables and honey, all within the same acreage. There was no such thing as “organic” because nothing was inorganic. I can remember: the idea of food being produced in a factory instead of made from raw ingredients in the kitchen was still quite new when I was a child.  Today, many people survive on “junk food” from low-cost fast food outlets, and factory-produced food-like substances  in plastic wrappers sold in massive supermarkets.

We have lost our way.

In reaction to this, there is a huge movement of interest in getting back to a natural diet. Witness the proliferation of farmers markets, farm to table restaurants, and an overwhelming interest in what is natural and organic. But it can be hard to make your way through the forest of sometimes conflicting information.

in my opinion, no one has done a better job than Eric in making sense of it all. Grounded in science and anthropology, he has a deep understanding of the original and natural human “dieta.” In this podcast he explains to us what humans have been eating for hundreds of thousands of years, and how even in today’s modern fast world we can get back as closely as possible to the foods which give us optimal health and mental clarity.

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  1. Tim Richardson August 3, 2019 at 8:15 am - Reply

    Is there a transcript of this podcast available?

    • Jean Fisher August 8, 2019 at 7:49 pm - Reply

      So sorry, not yet!

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