How to Become an Agent of Evolution, with Daniel Schmachtenberger

//How to Become an Agent of Evolution, with Daniel Schmachtenberger

How to Become an Agent of Evolution, with Daniel Schmachtenberger

In Episode 3, we have Daniel Schmachtenberger. I first knew Daniel because he created the nootropic “Qualia:” a supplement which is designed to increase your mental focus and clarity… in other words to increase your radical brilliance.

I discovered that Qualia is just the tip of the iceberg. Daniel is truly what we could call a futurist: he thinks constantly about architecting the best possible future.  Instead of the future being something we stumble into in our drunkenness of desire, it becomes something that we can artfully, deliberately, consciously create. Today’s episode is about how you can become a conscious agent of evolution:a co-conspirator in architecting the best possible future. In this podcast you are going to hear from Daniel about our challenges in architecting the best future for ourselves, as well as our potential as a race.

4:35 — Becoming aware that the end is nigh

16:24 — Civilization savers and their unexpected downsides

25:25 — Evolution vs tool-building and how humans are extincting themselves

37:54 — Becoming a catalyst of change / Creating self-stabilizing ecologies

45:03 — Racing towards the worse world possible / how to ensure that life saving technologies don’t become weaponized

51:57 — A new problem-solving toolkit and taking responsibility for the whole = “Omniconsideration”

69:48 — Different kinds of intelligence and the co-development of our own will, heart, and mind

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  1. John Ferrari July 2, 2019 at 7:13 am - Reply

    Here is what I journaled.
    If I incorporate something that just popped into my head I want to assume that it has the possibility of being creative. Versus say deductive. Or relative. And that thought was you ask? Why not have the Democratic nomination who will be replacing Trump run on 2 things. Climate Change and End of War. Excuse me a minute while I text a friend who is big on heart and see if she will be able to join me at the rally to end detention camps at the border- which is being organized politically for today at our local Federal Building. Ok – done – that didn’t take long because of texting on phones- yeah that. Perhaps I will expand a sphere of influence with this idea while around this group of people. At any rate let me explore my idea here on the paper and with you via the comments. Peace in and of itself is the best example of caring; and the framework I always attribute to it. In other words – heart. Climate Change is not obvious at first since so many otherwise quite intelligent beings reject it outwardly or are using it as a shield ( the rejection of it) to advance the other two legs of the stool. If we look at it from the will filter- it already has a dynamic polarity about it. I do little things to improve or stop the advance of warming. Like the butterfly effect only materially. Recycle the aluminum can for instance. That leaves the cognitive element , without which this stool cannot stand.This platform will not stand without the cognitive element. So there – in we have a useful stool. It satisfies the heart element quite obviously. Peace is a 3 legged apparatus generally on its own. . Although its regularly partitioned to serve the other two when any leg is not the right height so to speak. At least in a patriarchal society. So now let me explore why this 2 legged Democratic Platform could be truly progressive and successful. The CC leg is or can be carved out to be Willful aspect of the structure. (remember this is a political platform) So now we have Peace – which a candidate can’t actually be for- so that means Peace must be whittled to be the heartfull aspect. So now I am imagining the candidate him or herself to be the brains of the outfit. Which in my case is hands down Elizabeth Warren. The idea candidate. See how I did that? I am smiling because she has actually been my pick all along. As I write this I am free streaming onto the keyboard. But the punchline here is that its a 3 legged stool. Leaving the platform or thrust of the campaign with only 2 legs is how it works. If liberals and even conservatives stop thinking about solutions- instead has 2 basic kind of problems- peace and climate- it leaves the cognitive narrative kind of energy to become the default – campaign as it were.
    Now obviously this missive is a result of listening to this podcast. If I heard it right, Daniel was more than using his head heart and will theory as almost an axiom in waiting. Not that it hasn’t been applied or imagined before. Perhaps as a practice its never been explored or codified in an important sustained way. Thats my little take or way of tagging this whole concept. But irregardless. It at least gives me a very shiny object to juggle in my hands. Politics is just one problem in my life right now. As – weirdly as that sounds. Or not. Politics is almost dehumanizing and all roads lead to it it seems. But the take away is I want to apply the two ‘legged stool plus’ tool to a few other problems in my little egoic or existential world. Just to see how it works – how effective it is. Or even applicable.

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