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Practice with Brilliant People Like You all over the World

Global Brilliance Practice Community

For the last year, we have been building the Global Brilliance Practice Community. It is a an online members community where you can connect with other brilliant people all over the world to learn and practice Radical Brilliance.

Within the online community you can:

::  receive all of the Radical Brilliance understanding contained in the book, delivered to you by Arjuna Ardagh on video

::  get step-by-step instructions in 108 Radical Brilliance practices in all four phases of the cycle, on video, audio and written instructions. This includes guided meditations, worksheets, and much more

::  access expert interviews on video in all the topics covered in the Radical Brilliance book. The practice community includes more than 250 videos from Lynne Twist, John Gray, Alex Ebert, Amy Fox, Dave Ellis and many more

::  form alliances and friendships with other radically brilliant people who want to make a difference to the world.

::  attend live webinars with Arjuna Ardagh and other guests

::  join brilliance groups with other brilliant people who share your language, field of expertise or practice focus

::  get discounts on live events

::  connect with Radical Brilliance coaches who can guide you in your practice  (1st two 15 minute sessions free)

And many other features still in development

All of this is available to you for one dollar a day

We are putting the final touches on the global practice community now, please register here if you would like to be one of the first people to join.