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One Year Program

Radical Brilliance Total Immersion Program

This is a one year program designed for people who are already coaches, psychotherapists, consultants or who have pre-existing experience in working with people one-on-one.  Enrollment is limited to 12 participants.

The Program is distinct from a “training” because it is not a preparation to learn how to do something later, it involves immersion and doing-it-for-real from the very beginning.

During the year, all participants will commit to diving deeply into the practices of Radical Brilliance, in all four phases of the cycle. You will find the principles that govern these practices in the book “Radical Brilliance.” You will find descriptions of the core 108 practices in the website that accompanies the book.    

By the end of the one-year program, you will be intimately familiar with every phase of the cycle, and how to move freely from one phase to another.  In addition, all participants will begin coaching paying clients in Radical Brilliance methodologies from early in the program.  The intention is that you will earn more in the year from Radical Brilliance Coaching than you spend on the Apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship is closer to a PhD program, or a residency in a hospital, than an undergraduate program. The curriculum is highly flexible to accommodate your needs and learning style, and to support you to learn-by-doing.

If you resonate with what you have read in Radical Brilliance, and if you like the idea of working directly and closely with Arjuna Ardagh over a year, please complete the application form for a one-on-one interview.

Here are the specifics of what the program involves:
Three 90 minute webinars each month, live on Zoom with Arjuna.

This will be the main opportunity to learn how to recognize where a client is in the cycle, where they get stuck, and how to suggest and monitor the right practices.  I will ask you to attend these webinars in a quiet place (not in the car) using a laptop computer with a video enabled WebCam. Participants will be discouraged from joining these webinars using the phone.

One hour of practice per day

For the entire year, you will be asked to enter an agreement to do one hour of practice every day, primarily at the beginning of the day after sleeping. This may include meditation, Chi Kung, dance, prayer, movement and certainly will include “tickle and capture” practices from the Radical Brilliance cycle. For one month we will increase this to two hours per day, which will happen before the dawn.

Working with a buddy

You will always have an accountability buddy to whom you will report on your daily practices.  Reporting generally happens in a shared on line environment, like googedocs or an on line task management system.  Reporting takes less than one minute per day.

Small Accountability Group

You will meet live with an accountability group of six people every week, for 30 minutes. The purpose of these calls is to develop skill in operating in the 3 to 6 phase of the cycle, and to increase your ability to make promises and keep them.

30 minutes coaching one-on-one each month with Arjuna Ardagh

This will be an opportunity to talk about your own radically brilliant projects, your own practices and anything else that pertains primarily to you and not to other people.

Radical brilliance one-week laboratory

There will be four one-week retreats during 2018. As part of your apprenticeship program you may attend all of them, but you are required to attend two of them to complete the program. These one-week laboratories are all about practice:  less teaching/lecturing and lots of opportunity to practice deeply and to notice the results. There will be opportunities to go into silence, and to explore relational practices to bring forth brilliance.  Locations: California in May, Corfu Greece in July, Germany in September and Costa Rica in November.   During the period of the apprenticeship program all of these retreats are available for you at no cost. You do need to pay transportation and accommodation.

Webinar once a month for you and your clients

This is entirely optional. If you receive clients referred from the website, it is possible that some of them may have preferred to work directly with the founder, Arjuna Ardagh, who may not be available. Some might appreciate the opportunity to meet online also with Arjuna sometimes. Once a month we offer a webinar for you and whichever clients you feel this is appropriate for to attend a webinar of this kind.

Possibility to work in organizations with Radical Brilliance

We are currently in partnership with a number of international companies who offer coaching and organizational development in corporate settings.  Although we can offer no guarantees , as we do receive invitations to work in companies with a small team, we are be drawing upon people from the apprenticeship program, and you are paid directly by the company.

Weekly Creative Commitment

In order to test the effectiveness of the Radical Brilliance model,  this is not only about self-care, meditation, and checking off tasks in boxes, but also about genuinely allowing impulses of creativity to emerge out of stillness, and to sprout all the way into something that can benefit other people. We ask participants to commit to one small such fruit each week. It could be an 800 word blog post, a three minute video, or anything else that is a genuine gift to others. We want to make sure that the Radical Brilliance cycle is actually working for all of us in a demonstrable way.

One year Creative Commitment

You will select a creative project (this could be a book, or website, or online course, or a movie, or a CD) that is birthed during this program, builds in its intensity, and results in some kind of completion within the year. You \ do not need to know right now what that project will be, in fact it is better if you don’t.

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