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Evolution happens when original thoughts become actions that have never been taken before

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For many years Arjuna Ardagh has helped countless numbers of people to find peace in a chaotic world.  Arjuna offers practical wisdom that is as applicable at the kitchen sink as it is on the meditation cushion.

Michael Bernard Beckwith, Author of Spiritual Liberation~Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential

Drawing upon the latest cutting-edge brain research and an extraordinarily wide and diverse range of tools and practices, this is a masterpiece in mapping the terrain of full human potential and making it real.

Ivan Misner, Pd.D., Founder: BNI, author of Networking Like a Pro

You’ll finally understand where your best ideas come from and how to create them at will… plus the right time to get them completed and even how to re-create yourself over and over again.

Yanik Silver, Author Evolved Enterprise and founder of Maverick1000

The most essential quality for any powerful leader today is the capacity to innovate and to think things that have never been thought before. This book is a thorough and complete guidebook on how to do that.

Amy Elizabeth Fox, CEO, Mobius Executive Leadership

Radical Brilliance is not a traditional approach to business, and is not afraid to unearth anything and everything that makes a real difference to innovation.  You may be shocked, you may be unnerved, but you will certainly be transformed.

Robert Richman, Author of The Culture Blueprint, Co-Creator of Zappos Insights

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The global brilliance practice community is an online environment where you can take the principles of radical brilliance, learn to embody them in your own life through conscious daily practice, and then use that as a platform to make a bold and significant difference to the evolution of human life. Sounds big and ambitious? Then you heard it right. If not you, then who? If not now, then when? If not something big and bold and significant, then what else would be a good focus for your brief human life?

The global practice community is a one-stop location for everything you need to practice and live brilliance in your day-to-day life.

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How and Why People Have Original Life Changing Ideas that Change the World, and How You Can Have Them Too

Why do some people have original brilliant ideas, which move the game forward for all of humanity, while others live lives of quiet imitation? What is the secret anatomy of innovation and originality?

In this groundbreaking new book, Arjuna Ardagh (author of the #1 national bestseller “The Translucent Revolution” and eight other books) offers us a compelling and practical model for the hidden components which together make up a brilliant life.

Supported by cutting edge research into brain chemistry, nutrition, and “bio hacking,” Ardagh offers us not only a map to navigate the ever expanding field of genius enhancement, but also a rich smorgasbord of tools, techniques and lifestyle enhancements to make sure that each and every day has time set aside for being the most brilliant version of yourself.

Ardagh put this book together based on more than 15 years of interviews with more than 420 scientists, artists, musicians, inventors and social architects.